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Preventative tree care like pruning helps to keep trees looking beautiful while reducing risk and the need for costly removal. While you may understand the benefits of pruning your trees, you may not know when to schedule this important service for optimal results. That’s why Vishwaseva Landscape  would like to provide you with the following signs it may be time to prune your trees.

Broken Branches

A tree with weak or broken branches presents a serious safety hazard to your home and family. This damage is often caused by extreme weather like heavy rain and wind. That’s why the certified arborist at Vishwaseva Landscape Tree Care recommends having any broken branches trimmed as soon as possible to prevent them from falling unexpectedly.

Deep Cracks

Cracks in the bark of a tree are usually caused by fluctuations of temperature. On warm winter days, the bark is heated by the sun before freezing at night when temperatures drop causing sunscald. Certain species of trees like young fruit trees are especially prone to this type of damage, which, in turn, can stunt their growth. Furthermore, this tension between the frozen and unfrozen parts of a tree eventually cause it to crack. Trees like beech, maple, oak, and walnut are more likely to develop these frost cracks. However, proper pruning techniques can help prevent them from forming.

Excessive Foliage

When it comes to foliage, more isn’t always better. Why? When the branches of a tree become too dense, they are more likely to catch the wind and cause damage. That’s why it’s important to have a certified arborist trim back the foliage of a tree if you cannot see through its leaves or canopy.


If a part of a tree’s bark is sunken or missing, this can be a sign of disease or decay. Cankers are often caused by fungus, insects, and environmental conditions. Even large, mature trees can become weakened by cankers, making them more susceptible to failure due to extreme weather. To prevent further decay, it’s important to have as much of a canker removed as possible. However, only a certified arborist should attempt this after a complete evaluation of the health and structural integrity of a tree.

Untamed Growth

When a tree isn’t pruned regularly, it can grow in ways that are not ideal. A misshapen tree is often unable to distribute its weight properly which can lead to broken branches and damage to your home and property. That’s why it’s especially important for young or newly planted trees to have the proper guidance to grow in the right direction. However, it’s recommended that you only entrust a certified arborist to do this job as attempting to prune a young or misshapen tree on your own can result in severe damage.

The Ideal Times To Prune

Even if the trees on your property seem strong and beautiful, they should be pruned on a regular basis to ensure they remain healthy. Light pruning can be done at any time during the year. However, there are a few seasonal guidelines that a certified arborist follows for bigger trimming projects.


Pruning when a tree is in its dormant state during the winter is often recommended. Doing so will result in a vibrant burst of new growth in the spring while preventing disease and insects from invading any open wounds as they heal.


Spring is the time of year when trees come out of their dormant state and begin to bloom. That’s why pruning should be kept at a minimum to encourage the growth of new leaves, flowers, and fruit.


Summer is a good time to slow or redirect the growth of tree once its seasonal growth is complete. This is also a good time to remove any broken or hanging limbs.


Pruning during the winter is often discouraged by a certified arborist because this is the time of year when fungi spreads their spores which can infect the open wounds of a tree.

Vishwaseva Landscape Tree Care

Hiring a certified arborist to trim and prune your trees is recommended. At Vishwaseva Landscape Tree Care, we understand how to trim your trees to preserve and prevent them from damaging your property. Our certified arborist has extensive experience pruning trees so you can trust your trees in our hands. If you would like more information contact us by filling out our online form .

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