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Irrigation System

Many environmental-conscious countries have already started to limit water usage for a sustainable future. Vishwaseva Landscape has begun an efficient use of water for irrigation. With a strong background in plants and landscape maintenance, we can provide professional input and practices for irrigation based on specific situations.

Irrigation can be manual, semi-automatic, or fully automatic. For manual watering, we can provide irrigation advice on the quantity, frequency, and method for a specific site and plant conditions. For semi-automatic and automatic irrigation, we design and install different irrigation systems including drip and sprinkler systems.

We also provide advice on fertigation and chemigation. Fertigation is an automatic system to apply liquid fertilizer while chemigation is an automatic system to apply liquid insecticide and fungicide.

We give assurance on our projects for best quality and service. Together with our clients and partners, we can work together for our sustainable and bright future.

From designing to construction to timely maintenance, our team is available at all stages of the development and has an ongoing engagement with each and every customer. So if you are looking to create Irrigation System from scratch or renovate it, Vishwaseva Landscape will bring its expertise and experience to give you visuals which will appeal to every sight.

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