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Indoor Landscaping


Landscapes play a vital role in connecting the spaces with the nature around. Architecturally spaces should be well linked with the nature and it should actually take a form along with the landscape rather than forcing landscape into the left out pockets. The blend between the hardscapes, soft-scapes and the built forms actually help to enhance the quality of a space and make it more likely to be a boon rather than a burden on the nature or the external environment. Similarly, landscapes should not be limited up to the structure or the plinth level. Extension of landscape into the interiors make the structure porous with green scapes acting like the necessary catalysts to achieve the supreme connection with the nature and external environment.

Why Indoor Landscaping
Indoor landscapes mainly focus on bringing along the natural and raw look of the nature to the doorstep of every space making it more lively and natural. These actually help to maintain the micro climate of the interiors making it efficiently cooler or warmer as required and reducing the strain on the environment by reducing the use of artificial gadgets. No matter it costs a space but it will prevent the structure to cost for the degrading environment around. Such spaces also help in creating a natural ambience along the various transition of spaces.

From designing to construction to timely maintenance, our team is available at all stages of the development and has an ongoing engagement with each and every customer. So if you are looking to create an outdoor landscape from scratch or renovate it, Vishwaseva Landscape will bring its expertise and experience to give you visuals which will appeal to every sight.

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